Special Event Upgrades

Light Show Upgrades:

SILVER - $150.00 Additional

This light show is a basic effect set up. It includes 4-5 small lighting effects. Recommended for events of 100 guests of less!

GOLD - $350.00 Additional

This light show is a medium size effects show. It includes 8-10 lighting effects, on one/possibly two small light stands that rise to 12 feet in height. Recommended for events of 100-200 guests!

PLATINUM - $700.00 Additional

This is a very large effects show. It includes 15-20 lighting effects on a 15- foot light truss assembly. The lighting can be raised any where from 6-12 feet in height. Recommended for events over 200 guests.


The black light shows offer an alternative to the traditional lighting effects. These lights cause all white surfaces to illuminate while dark surfaces become invisible for an effect that will give your event that stand out quality!

Hands Up Party: $175.00 Additional
Features the black light effects system
50 white gloves
Shine On Me Party: $275.00 Additional
Features the black light effects system
50 white gloves
1 dozen white hats
2 dozen white maracas
100 glow necklaces/bracelets
Black Out Extreme Jam Party: $450.00 Additional
Features the black light effects system
100 white gloves
2 dozen white hats
4 dozen white maracas
200 glow necklaces/bracelets
Black light paint

Additional Entertainer Upgrades:

Hourly Cost of Additional Entertainer Rate

The advantages of having two entertainers at your function are endless! Your entertainers can split up the formalities of the evening, while offering the option of always having someone on the dance floor. There are three ways to go with an additional entertainer.

Pump Up The Jam
A Second MC can raise the level of interaction at your event, and add excitement to the dance floor. This is an easy way to make sure that you have diversity and continuous interaction for you event.
Jam On It In Style
You can combine the feel of live music with the DJ experience by adding one of Jam On Sound Productions professional vocalists. They can sing several songs throughout the function and add style and class to your special event.
Percussion Specialist
Our profession drumming percussionist is sure to add that over the top excitement to your special day. This popular upgrade will have your guests dancing all night to your favorite dance floor music along with the beat of the drums that only a professional percussionist can add!
Call for Availability and Pricing

Music Video/Live Feed: $500.00

You can add energy and visual entertainment to your special event with video play and or live feed projection. Imagine your grand entrance, or blowing out your birthday candles projected live on screen for all your guests to see. You will also be able to enjoy your favorite music along with the videos making the event all that much more spectacular and unique.

Photo Booth Options:

  • Full Size Booth - $800.00 – 3 Hrs. ($50.00 add. hr.)
  • Step & Repeat (Open Air Booth)- $475.00 – 3 Hrs. ($100.00 add. hr.)
  • Picture Us - $375.00
  • Photo Wall - $300.00
  • Personalized/Custom Photo Backdrop - $150.00

This is an exciting way to involve your guests, and have them leave with a special memory of their time at your function. We will have a staff member take random pictures throughout the course of the event. These pictures will then be printed on site with our docking station. Each photo will be cut to size and placed in various frames for display. All your guests do is simply find a photo or two of themselves, and take it home as a keepsake to remind them of your special day. Or You can add the excitement and interaction of a full-size Photo Booth or Open Air Red Carpet Booth to your event where your guests are sure to take part in the fun.

Event Up-Lighting: $500.00 - $700.00

What ever your wedding colors, or color scheme for the reception, you can enhance the atmosphere and over-all feel of your wedding reception by adding surrounding lighting effects. We will transform the banquet hall, or reception venue, into a complete reflection of your wedding dreams. If you can picture it, we can help create it with this unique and very popular upgrade!

Gobo Monogram/Pattern Projection: $175.00 - $300.00

Imagine your names or initials and wedding date projected onto the dance floor or wall space for an incredible eye catching centerpiece. This very popular upgrade will enhance the atmosphere of your event and add to the décor of the venue leaving your guests with a memory of the evening that they will never forget.

Event Lounge/Décor: Priced per size: Starting at $150.00

Class, style and relaxing atmosphere can be added to the look and overall experience of your special day by creating a look of a section, or certain locations, of the reception with our different styles of lounge items and or event décor. If you are the couple that wants to turn your reception space into more than just a room, then this popular upgrade is for you!

Airbrush Tattoos: $150.00 per hour

You can take your next child’s birthday party, or special occasion, to the next level by adding this upgrade to the event. Children, as well as many adults, love walking around with a cool tattoo design, and acting like it is real. There are hundreds of patterns to choose from, as well as several distinct colors. The more unique you make your event, the more memorable it will be for your guests, and upgrading to airbrush tattoos is a sure- fire way to achieve that wow factor!

* Upgrade prices are not guaranteed until event contract is complete. *

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